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Old Becomes New

By accident I discovered that clicking on the most recent Google entry under my name for the old blog and opening the Cache, that every post from the old literary blog is there, although without any formatting or photos, and without comments.  I may then at some point glean highlights from those old posts and put them here.  It is sad about the comments because more often than not, those conversational exchanges were better than the post they linked to.

(Rose, if you’re listening, you wrote that you would like to have access to some of the old posts, well, you can find them this way, and feel free to copy and paste from there anything you would like to use, just noting credit.)


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  1. Tut mir leid, ich spreche nur ein bischen Deutsch.


    no hablo Castellano.


    Bohuzial, moja Slovencina je velmi zla.

    It’s a flat fucking miracle I can even speak some English.