Buenos Aires

Slip Sliding Away

The photo is the view I had from the café window, Café Veronese at Plaza Güemes in Palermo, when I begin putting the following thoughts into my journal.

It was a simple act and I did not give it much consideration.  I am not a patient person by nature; according to my most faithful fan and reader, my wife, the only time I ever exhibit any patience at all is when I am writing, when I am working on a manuscript, and then I have, she says, the most extraordinary patience and concentration she has ever witnessed.

I am especially impatient with things that waste my time, not my time in general (I waste great gobs of that all by myself), but time when I need to be writing, which is not always all that easy and those who do it understand the plethora of methods we devise to not do it.

The literary blog I maintained for some eighteen months on Typepad, called Random Literary Blogging, was a creeping up excuse to avoid working; it was more fun to goof around on the blog, where I could just diddle around with anything fleeing through my mind at the time, than it was to make the next sentence as perfect as possible, and then throw it away and try to make it more perfect, and then try to write the sentence that must follow, even when I have no idea before the first word of it appears what that sentence might be.

Then problems began developing with the platform that supported the blog’s url, Typepad.  I paid Typepad an annual fee for this service.  But it was buggy and I often had to spend a lot of time trying to replace things that disappeared, or trying to figure out why this or that happened or didn’t happen the way it did before?  A week or so ago, the entire right side column of that blog simply disappeared.  It was there when I read comments one morning, and not there when I went back later to make a post.  I spent the greater part of two full days trying to find that right side column and get it back, two full days exchanging messages with the “support team,” two full days with my attention focused simply on that.

Then the evening of that second day, I reached the “fuck this” stage and cancelled the contract with Typepad.  The blog was gone.  Is gone.  I looked at the blank space where it used to be and felt not dismay but relief.  The next time I felt a wandering mind, that destination no longer existed.  One less distraction, one less excuse.

So what is this?

I suppose this is blogging light.  I already had this web page service as a part of having a Mac account for my email address and backup server, and being able to set up a blog and / or photo albums came with the package. But when I tried to put up a blog on that site, which already has a photo page, nearly everyone who tried to access it had problems — couldn’t load the page, slow loading, the browser freezing, etc. So I don’t think that idea will work.

Here is Plan B, or Plan C, or maybe it’s Plan D.  I look at some blogs that use WordPress, so I’m giving it a try. I hope it is more useful and less buggy than Typepad, and since it’s free, well, why not?  I hope you aren’t yet tired of following me around from site to site. If this fails … well, I’ll go back to pen and paper and snail mail and the telephone and leave Cyberspace to those who are more comfortable traveling there.


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  1. Hey Don, been interesting trekking around after you.

    Hope this one works out. For the record, I moved my blog over from Blogger to WordPress and once I got the thing up and running I’ve found it to be very low-maintenance and have no problems at all. Hope you have the same experience.

    • It has been a bit of trekking. Very tiring from my end, too. Yours was one of the blogs I liked and you never complained about it. There are two others I’ve seen that looked good and their owners had no complaints.

      I am still figuring it out, but not much else to do on a rainy hot Sunday in Buenos Aires, and some parts still confuse me. Like I just hunted all around trying to figure out how to approve your comment, and I thought I had checked some box not requiring comment approval. Or maybe it said only being approved the first time. We’ll see what happens.

      I am really pissed that the iweb thing kept crashing. I watched my wife trying to load it with her Thinkpad and got bored waiting for the page to come up, and then when it did, trying to go to the next pages shut down her browser. Maybe Macs refuse to communicate with PCs?

      Anyway, here we go again.

  2. Much better Don and quicker too. The other blog looked great but was very slow. Since my main problem was not being able to comment I omitted to mention that before.

    Now, look into my eyes, not around my eyes but in my eyes and do exactly as I say…(Love the picture at the top, very BAFTA.)