A rare event in America

The cry of the typical American

In the inevitable showdown between doing the right thing and doing the selfish thing, you know which side wins most of the time. But not this time. In one of those rare, epochal events in American political history, the Congress of the United States — well, to be accurate, the Democratic Party members in the Congress of the United States, voted to do the right thing as opposed to the selfish thing, and stood up against the sleazy fear-mongering spewed out venomously by Republicans, a group of people in general who cling to the ball like that kitten in the picture. America has finally tripped and stumbled its lumbering way into the world of civilized morality by becoming the dumb last nation in the modern industrialized world to accept the clear moral imperative that access to health care is the right of all citizens in nation, not a luxury perk of the privileged classes.

I was not surprised that large groups of people were so desperate to cling to their ball and keep their neighbors away from it. That is the American way, after all, so is to be expected. Americans have a well-deserved reputation around the world as believing themselves to be some group of frontier cowboys, shoot first and ask questions later, I got mine go get your own, kind of people. We are infamously self-centered. The Republican Party exists to cater to the possessive traits of the selfish. None of this surprises anyway.

What does surprise me is that Congressional members of the Democratic Party, who are themselves infamously whimsical and impotent, were able to find the balls it took to do the right thing. Doing the right thing is always founded in courage, a quality usually lacking in Democratic politicians. The Republicans acted in character, the Democrats overcame their usual fright and voted the moral imperative against the selfish howling.

I am not to any degree a religious person. What I understand and live by in the moral world in the result of rational and logical reasoning, not superstitious fears and the residue of childish story-telling. But most Republicans think of themselves, quickly claim themselves to be religious people. They are not, of course, because they have failed the principal test:  They could not ask themselves, in this situation, what would Jesus have done? Because the answer would have forced them to share the ball.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

And then shut the fuck up!


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  1. At least it’s one less embarrassing oddity about Americans that I don’t have to keep trying to explain everywhere we go.

    I am pleased that you keep taking the time to visit here, Nicole.

  2. Finally. For a progressive nation and ‘leaders’ of the free world they certainly took their time.

    I think Aaron Sorkin deserves a round of applause too. If Bartlett had been allowed a third term he’d have passed this through congress long ago:-)

  3. The brutal hysteria coming from the right side of the American political spectrum leaves any rational person reeling with sickening amazement. And I am not even in America! I cannot imagine how smelly the public stage in the States is today.

    What comforts and pleases me is to contrast the intelligent, reasoning, quiet praise coming from the left side of the spectrum that after all this time, finally the American Congress has cast a moral vote, with the howling, whining madness exploding from those who believe that economics trumps morality, that doing the wrong thing become right if it leaves their money alone. Their’s is a cash makes right philosophy.

    So it is both a great day, because finally America has begun to creep toward joining the civilized world, and a sad day because it exposes the large number of selfish and mean-spirited people who live among us.

    It is better to be observing this kind of public madness from a great distance.