Report from the café

The story of Danika and Tomáš has reached a keepable 250 pages, or 70,590 words, and moving toward the end, which I think will be, hope will be, less than 100 pages away, at a steady, daily pace. Although last night I could not stop myself from dreaming about the final scene, even after awakening twice and going back to sleep (eventually) the same dream kept returning. I don’t know if that means it is the perfect ending or there are troubles with that ending. Here are a few pictures taken yesterday with my Blueberry in the office.

My competitor. Don't know what she was writing, but there was dialogue spacing involved.

Typical Argentine greeting

Usually, I sit at that empty table with my back to the start of the stairs, left, but yesterday someone was there when I came in, so I sat at a small table in the front window, which is not so good; there are many distractions to be had out that window. The two young women kissing cheeks are doing the Argentine version of shaking hands, which is not done all that much here, even in a business setting. But everybody kisses everybody: women with women, men with women (my personal favorite), and yes, men with men, which even after more than a year still gives me the willies.  The bottom picture is the view from the front window. Directly ahead is a park popular with dog walkers, to the left is a soda fountain cafe, to the right is another bar-cafe called Bartok.

The view from Mama Racha

It was a cloudy day, otherwise that window table is not useable until later in the day, because the morning sun shines directly onto it, and the sun here is ferocious.

I will be here in about an hour.


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  1. Can’t wait to read the book! For the moment – at least to hear more about the dream! Thanks for the pictures – these definitely helped to “see” the scene… Wish I can also sit in this cafe now…
    Best wishes from sunny Bratislava! Love, Paula

  2. I always appreciate the photos, especially when they include such studious women. She’s looking for that correct word, I bet. Work well today!

    • The principal distraction of this particular cafe is the unusually large number of way too attractive young women who set up there to do what I do. I notice them, but you can be sure they have no idea I’m even there.

  3. I don’t know how you concentrate in such places, with such competition. I really don’t.

  4. I love these windows into your daily life and I know I’ve said this before but I honestly feel as though I could step right into the picture, pull up a chair and pass the time of day with you.

    Cheers me dear…