Farewell Facebook

Not anymore

Okay, I gave it a try for a month, and it’s not for me. It’s not the sort of “social life” I am interested in. The whole thing just seemed strange, a little spooky, to me. The utter debasement of the word “friend” set me off from the start. Then it took no time at all before I had “friends” all over the place, and each time I opened the thing, I would find 50, 100, 200 new posts. Who has that kind of time? Finally I suppose it was the flagrant marketing of oneself that made me feel just a little on the dirty side of life. Then there is the cavalier attitude of the FB owners and administrators about personal privacy … although it was obvious that most FB users haven’t the slightest interest in privacy, to the contrary, the whole point is personal publicity. I am not interested in such flagrant self-promotion (which is probably why my books don’t sell wildly), so Facebook is not for me. If you read this blog, this is the answer to “where did he go?” He went home.


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  1. Yeah, me either, really. I gave it a fair shot, acquired about 50 “friends,” tooted my horn from time to time, but it’s just too weird for me. I’d rather visit you on your blog, actually. That is, if you aren’t coming to tango in BA.

  2. Well, I’ll miss your informative links posted there for sure. But you’re right about the entire thing. The key to sustainability is loving the artifice of it.

    On a more important note, have you read Kent Haruf? Specifically Plainsong?

  3. Oh, it’s a wonderful book. Simply stunning. Especially tone-wise. Consider the tone found in Stoner and exalt that. That’s Plainsong. He’s really helping to cure me of my obtuse McCarthy tendencies, or at least tone them down. I read an interview with him where he wrote an entire novel under McCarthy’s influence and didn’t realize it until his wife read the manuscript to him during a long car trip. He had to start over. It spoke to me since I see lots of McCarthy in my novel that I didn’t a few months ago before I aged it a bit in the drawer.

    I think you’d like the book.

  4. Good to have you on there while it lasted. I agree with you, though, this place is better.

    • Facebook is just way too crowded for me. I like conversations that take place among old friends around a table or on a park bench. Beyond that, it’s all just noise to me, the roaring of a mob. I’m glad you keep coming over here to have a chat sometimes.

  5. Cutting-edge post, Don. You’ve hit the nail on the head by uttering the truth about Facebook, which many of us could not dare to utter. Facebook is just another digital-age trap, and it is kind of phoney interacting with so-called “friends”. Thanks for your courage.

    • Thank you for the compliment and sentiment, Dr. Bose. I always welcome your comments here. I think it is natural for people to seek distraction, and FB is a very big distraction. It has only one value (and that has a dubious side): reconnecting with people you’ve known in the past and lost touch with, even if most of the entertainment in that is simply curiosity.