And It’s Only Love

A reward within the dark and dreary

This novel, which is the twelfth I’ve written, and may (or may not) be the eighth to be published, is finished, más o menos.  I wrote the last line about an hour ago, on a dark and dreary, thunderstorm, pouring rain morning.  This photo was not taken this morning, but it is similar to the current view from my balcony, excluding the rainbow.  The rainbow is the pile of paper now stacked neatly on the side of my work table.

For those of you following along.  It is 356 mss pages and just over 99,000 words.

Usually, I am finished when I am finished.  But this time there were so many unexpected plot changes that I am going this weekend to sit down and read it straight through, before calling finished finished.

Now what the hell do I do with my day?


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    • From the way I’ve been writing lately, it’s not clear that I do.

      Looking forward to reading it, especially on account of it being a sequel.

  1. Wow! Blahozelam! And our “clan” remembers the horoscope, so we know what will happen now … You finished it in the first half of the year! Can’t wait to read it!

    • Thanks, Paula. I can’t think of any way I would like to celebrate finishing this book than to be in Rusovce, standing at the kitchen counter with a glass of wine, watching Edo cook up his famous halusky, while you are on the sofa reading the mss to find all the Slovak mistakes I have surely made. If I were magic, I would make that happen.

      Also, long as I’ve raised the subject, do you mind if in a couple of weeks — I want to read it myself again carefully — I send you a Word file with the book on it, and maybe, sweetheart, you could double check all the Slovak language and references????

      Pretty please.

      • YES! Of course! …. and Rusovce kitchen is here for you (although, frankly speaking, I think, that Edo didn’t cook halusky since last time you were here!)

        • Edo should not waste his halusky talents on just anybody — he is saving himself for me, naduduce.

          I hope to have read through this mss within a week, and after that, I will email the file to you, Paula.

          Thank you extra velmi pekne.

      • Yes, sorry to have dropped off the face of the earth for a while. A tiny baby ate my life.

        I’m doing a lot of thinking in and around the next novel, but there’s no time to actually do the work right now. In a few more months when she settles into the two-predictable-and-longish-naps-a-day thing I’ll be able to get back down to the work in earnest.

  2. G’day to Rose, the OZ lady. I see that you have made it that far south. Now, update your blog with news of your travels.

    Re the mss. I am still reading through it, about 50 pages a day. Hope to finish tomorrow or Thursday. So far, so good, and if that continues, I’ll send it to my agent by the weekend. After that, I’m footloose and fancy free.

    If you aren’t going to do much blogging, at least send me some email updates. What are you doing way down there?