About “The Info Page”

It was both too difficult and too expensive to maintain a static homepage hosted by Yahoo, so I have cancelled that service. Replacing its function can be found here, at the top of the right column, called “The Info Page.” It seems both more convenient, and certainly cheaper (cheap as in free here), to consolidate my Internet life in one place. The literary (and other rambling bits of personal interest) blog remains as is, and the static homepage function (which may be edited and added to from time to time) is now located here, as well.

Here’s a picture I like. It is my favorite pen, a Pelikan rollerball.

The pen that launched a million words

Thank you for visiting this blog.


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  1. That’s a good-looking page. A great deal of your life seems represented by photographs. It seems that way to me, at any rate, because I’m in so very few of them. I shy away from it and wonder sometimes if I’m missing out on something.

  2. I am in a lot of photographs, especially during the last quarter-century, or so, because my wife loves photography, and she takes a lot of pictures of me in the places we go, and documents some of the literary events, as well.

    I am also expressing my own version of the curiosity I felt way back in the old days, when I wondered, as a hopeful writer, what the lives of the writers I admired might be like. Some were well-documented (Hemingway, obviously), but others were mysteries. I was not interested in how their lives might or might not effect how they write and what they write about, but simply a natural young person’s curiosity about the lives of people of the kind he hoped to become.

    Especially I looked for pictures of the places where writers work.

    Finally, the other reason lots of photos are used on this blog is that I think they help to break up all the black and white, and set the reader’s mood for whatever is to come.

    I just had a Skype chat with Rose in Oz. I turned on the Skype video and gave her a quick tour of Mama Racha, where I happen to still be.

  3. not bad! i was going to say something about photos too. so many glimpses of your life in these pics.

    when i used to be an avid reader of novels (i spend more time on poetry and short fiction now), i tended to take lots of pictures – as a kind of documentation of places and things, along with my writing, but it’s changed somehow in the last year or so. another reason, i suspect, is that i no longer have a partner who’s into photography 😉

    • No doubt that living with someone who likes to take a lot of pictures has you ending up in a lot of pictures.

      I also don’t participate in “social media,” so this is the only place I can put pictures.

      As attractive as you are, Nicole, you ought to plaster the world with your pictures. Pictures of you, I mean.

      I am trying to figure out a better word to use when describing a lover, live-in companion, boyfriend/girlfriend than partner.

  4. A life well lived and a lot to be proud of here Donigan if you don’t mind me saying so.

  5. I agree, for me partner sounds like a business arrangement. Significant Other is simply dumb. But it’s odd to use boy or girl friend for someone over the age of eighteen. And yes, lover is nobody’s business. What then?

    As for the concept or reason for an “about” page, it has to do with pre-answering questions that readers have about an author whose work they have read, and also useful for journalists and reviewers to cull data to go along with articles and reviews. Readers seek biographical data for a variety of reasons (mostly legitimate), and an about page on a website offers essential facts to undercut the usual guesses and rumors that can find their way into print.

    So basically it is to pre-answer curious questions and establish a certain set of factual biographical data to set against speculations when they appear.

  6. I like that idea, a misinformation page. Also put up photos of the real me, the handsome, studly one. I’ll make myself 33 years old, single, obscenely rich, and very available. I should probably also mention when I was short-listed for the Nobel. I’ve left out so much.