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The winner and still champion

Osama bin Laden, still on top

The sarcasm here is intended but mild. The element of truth is much bigger. We are forced to fly next month, that is, if we would like to visit with our family during the holidays. There isn’t a realistic choice, given that we are more than 5,000 miles and a continent away. Having no choice is the only way we go anywhere near airports these days; being forced to travel by air is a miserable experience in the best of conditions, but now, it has gone from miserable to horrible.

The couple of hundred wacky religious terrorists the world is “at war” with don’t have to do anything else, just make a threat from time to time, or perform some trivial and easy to accomplish “test run” to make sure infidels cower in fear and toss their previously precious freedoms into the junk bin with their water bottles. What could be easier and more productive for them? Not to mention how much fun they’re having.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the most popular videos played in terrorists haunts come from TSA. Maybe we could find our little Islam zealots by listening for the roar of their laughter coming from their safe houses.

Can’t you imagine their conversation?

“Hey, look at the little pecker on that fat infidel?”

“Whoa baby, that honey’s got some righteous titties.”

“Hey, O-baby, did you see that TSA warrior stroking that dude’s tally-wacker?”

“Check it out, they made that chick take out her implants … whoa.”

“My fav is the guy who pissed himself then had to get on the plane smelling like Osama’s toilet.”

If you think Osama and his merry men aren’t laughing at us, then you don’t have enough imagination. Who knows how long it’s going to take for a half billion or so people to get those couple of hundred Osamaites and”win the war on terrorism,” but the terrorists have definitely won this battle.

At least a never-ending “war” is good for the political right wing, and anything that works … yes?


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  1. I must admit that our decision to holiday in the UK has not been based on purely financial reasons. The idea of getting on a flight with a bunch of strangers, some of whom may be intent on killing us all, does indeed frighten me but having said that, they could just as easily be on my bus or train too. I could also be mugged at my own front door of course and think up a hundred different reasons not to venture at all in which case – yes, they have indeed won. Not.

  2. US airports are now a mix among a Zoo, a porno shop, and a hog pen. And that’s just the security element. Also, prices to fly go up and services go down or are eliminated altogether. At least in most of the civilized world you have more than two choices: either fly, or drive your car for one or two or three days to get across the country. We don’t have any train service to speak of, and no long distance luxury buses, like are found all over Europe and South America. Fly or don’t go. That’s pretty much it.

    But that’s not really my point. What this rant bemoans is that when the handful of the few real terrorists at work somewhere in the world want to make us dance like puppets or get treated like hogs to market, all they have to do is make a threat, even if they have no ability whatsoever to carry it out. The threat alone cowers us. That looks like a win to me.

    Ben Franklin understood this a long time ago when he wrote something like: “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

    As usual, we are wasting billions of dollars to do something most intelligent societies do for a lot less, a lot more efficiently and effectively, and without turning their populations into frightened hogs being herded into air trucks.

  3. Agree with this completely.

    Remember the jokes that started going around a few months after 9/11? Something like, “If the waiter doesn’t bring my medium rare steak within the next 7 minutes, the terrorists will already have won!”

    Ha ha ha. The joke’s on us.

  4. On your way back to PV?

    I’m thinking of sticking a 12″ sausage in my shorts and see what happens. Maybe the screen viewer will ask for my phone number?

    Why don’t you get a picture icon from Gravitar so you won’t show up here as a sideways G?