Buenos Aires

Memento Mori

Otherwise known as: Remember you will die. I am a fan of cemeteries, and have been since the days of youth when only other people ended up in cemeteries, during those immortal and eternal days of youth (which last around thirty or forty years, generally). The following photos are a random sample from the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, where most visitors go because of Evita’s tomb (picture of same not here). You begin to live the moment you come to memento mori. (To enlarge to full size any photo, click on it.)

Do you suppose this guy was fond of his dick and balls?

Not been too many visitors to this crypt lately

This crypt tells a story, maybe legend, maybe true. This young woman was accidentally buried alive, discovered when people heard noises coming from the crypt. When checked later, they saw where she had tried to claw out of her casket. This statue represents her leaving her tomb. (Bury me with a cell phone.)

One of my favorite crypt statues. Poignantly, she reaches for a bouquet she had dropped.

Rack 'em and stack 'em

This guy's bedroom could use a little tidying up.

In the immortal words of Jim Morrison: This is the end, the only end, my friend.


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  1. Your comment about the first photo was the first thing I thought about as well. Hmmm…

    The cemeteries around here are not nearly as interesting. But architecture, as well as everything else, tends to be more utilitarian in the States, I think. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. The problem is, we put all our pictures together into iphoto and then half the time can’t remember who took which one without looking at the camera data, and then often we take pictures of the same thing. I like taking credit for the best shots, but in fact, I am probably a better writer than my wife, but she is a way better photographer.