New: Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

There is a new link to a gallery of photos taken in various places around the world; I will be adding to it from time to time. Hope you enjoy the show.

The link is in the menu bar and the top section of the right column.

There is no way to comment on the photos themselves, but feel free to comment here.

(Progress update: I am one-third of the way through typing my first novel into a word processor in order to format an e-book version. Note: I am thankfully a much better writer thirty years later than I was in those days.)


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  1. Typing a book into a computer is not the most pleasant way to spend a couple of hours a day. I am forcing myself to avoid making major changes to the book, limiting the editing to sparkling up the most glaringly awkward sentences, and clarifying some ambiguities.

    I have not yet decided whether or not to do the same thing with my second novel, My Sister’s Keeper. If I do, I may change the title, to avoid the thirty year conflict between my title and Jodi Picoult’s more famous use of the title that appeared in the same month.

    The big project, if I get that far, is going to be reverting the 3 Hatch books back to the original one volume version Bantam took in the first place. Mainly because I am not able to find the typed mss version anywhere; so essentially I would be recreating that version anew.

    But … while looking for the original Hatch (which was called “The Last Island,”) I stumbled upon a completely forgotten mss of a novel I wrote and abandon 25 years ago called, Fringe Disturbances. It also exists only as one paper copy, written before electronic versions. I read through some of it and think it’s certainly not bad enough to have been abandoned; I don’t know what I was thinking. I plan to read all the way through it again, and if it holds up, I have an e-book original … after I type the thing into a computer.

    I’m pleased you guys enjoyed the photos.

  2. Croissant is a medialuna in this neighborhood, smaller, so you can eat more of them.

    The shots of my friends’ finca in Costa Rica are quite limited because of privacy, but it is indeed gorgeous, and wonderfully located high on a mountainside where the air stays pleasantly cool most of the time.

    You and Nicole must be soul sisters (who lean to the left).

    • Thank you for the nice invitation. I am leaving tomorrow for a long holiday in Colorado and Hawaii, but maybe when I return.

      Aren’t you in Berlin? If so, stop into the Cafe Aedes in the Bogen beneath the Savignyplatz S-bahn station, and say hello to my old friend Giuseppe, who owns it, and you will be treated royally. I finished my last novel in that cafe.