Aloha folks

We are staying in a house at the foot of Diamond Head

Second day in Hawaii, relishing a return to the tropics, revisiting the place and life of my novel, The Common Bond, we are wondering how our lives would have gone had we been here the last 25 years. A useless pursuit if there ever was one. There is much to say about this visit, but there are many distractions at the moment, and I’ll get to the good stuff later. Meanwhile, here are a few photos.

Sitting room of our Diamond Head cottage

The bed in our B and B cottage

A small portion of the monkey pod tree beside our lanai (deck), and the yard behind the cottage

View of Diamond Head through the banana plant from our lanai

The main lanai outside our cottage, and the main house, of the Diamond Head B & B

Our favorite view from a condo we can't afford, looking over the Ala Wai Canal.

More as we settle down and I can concentrate on writing.


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  1. It’s a rough life!

    Enjoy your time back in the ole stomping grounds … being in a place like that kind of makes you wonder why anyone lives anywhere else, doesn’t it?