Buenos Aires

Reading at the Buenos Aires Book Fair

Last evening, around the time OBL was getting a well-deserved bullet in his head from one of the men in SEAL team six, I was reading from “The Last Island” at the 37th Buenos Aires International Book Fair. Here are a few photos from the event.

Part of the audience in the speakers' section of the US Embassy stand. The woman seated on the right side with the paper in her hand is my wife's Spanish conversation partner.

My youngest fan. It is doubtful he understood a word I said, but stayed for the entire reading; probably just fascinated to hear a man who looked a little like Santa Claus blabbing on in a strange language.

Nice background. The embassy did a beautiful job with this stand at the fair; featuring the evolution of the book into the digital age.

NIce shot of the book's digital edition cover. Thanks to the embassy's Information Resources Center for setting that up. It's beyond my skill level.

The post-reading party at our apartment. Missing from the photo is my wife, who took the picture, and a couple of friends who had already left.

I have done a lot of readings like this over the years, but this one was among the best. The audience was large, attentive, and appreciative. Writing is a solitary art form, without the audience and social immersion that comes to musicians, for example. People read your work in private, or at least away from your sight. A public reading event like this is the only way a writer interacts with his audience. A fine reminder of the ultimate point of it all. It is rejuvenating.

I should have added a photo showing the stand from the outside. Hunter’s comment made me think of it. So here it is:

Part of the outside of the book fair stand for the US Embassy. Along the inside right side is a row of pedestals on which are mounted a variety of eReader devices that people can try hands-on. Along the rear inside wall is a book case displaying books about the evolution from print to digital. The rest of the stand, the entire left side, is the venue for readings and presentations.


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  1. I’d consider it a big accomplishment to have fans in another language.

    Which part of The Last Island did you read?

    • The beginning after the Prologue, to the point where the Hard Wind arrives in Tuva, then skipped a couple of years and read the first few pages of when Jan Moss arrives.

      I wish they were fans, but I think they were just curious.

  2. Great reading yesterday, Don. I think some of the curious became your fans after they heard your reading. Also, your answers during the post-fading questio period were intelligent and diplomatic.