Interesting research on digital vs print

Please follow this link to the blog of a young Australian writer who has done some interesting comparative research on digital books versus print books. It is a long blog post, but worth the effort if you’re interested in the subject.

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I particularly like this quotation from Eco.

Umberto Eco sums up accurately their everlasting nature: “Books belong to the kind of instruments that, once invented, have not been further improved because they are already all right, such as the hammer, the knife, the spoon or scissors”


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  1. She is also from the land of Oz.

    I am fighting a losing battle (actually, the only battle I’m having is with myself, because out there the war is already over) defending my passion for the book as the best ever invented purveyor of the storyteller’s art into the imaginations of the audience, and that digital forms of this are second-rate, an imitation of an imitation, or, as Plato might put it, yet another level removed from the Form.

    I’ll stick with the book. But that offers a big “so what?”

    Mainly I am curious to see how reading essentially exclusively in a digital format will effect the brains of the readers.