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Je suis malade

I came across this video of Lara Fabian and knew immediately that it captured exactly the emotion I needed for Danika, and now can go forward.


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  1. also…i think it’s a lot of fun for us to ‘tag along’ when you share hints and glimpses of what you’re working on in these blog posts. it makes the cyber connection between you and the readers a bit more real.

  2. It is a good song, but much of that is because of what Lara Fabian looks like when she sings it, and that her voice is so in tune with the emotion she projects. The lyrics are actually quite simple and sometimes mystifying … like he’s sick when his mother goes out in the evening? (A man wrote it.) My favorite part is when Lara snarls and runs her thumb across her throat — so French.

    I don’t know what else to do with this blog but write notes about life here and offer occasional hints and glimpses. I think now I keep up with it to some extent because it is the principal way I maintain some contact with the interesting and creative people I have met through it.

    I work on one thing at a time, and usually that work goes on for a long time. When it’s going well, it sucks out of me most of whatever mental energy I have. I become a one trick pony when I’m working on a book. That makes me boring. (Hoping that being boring in the world means I am far from it in my novels.)

    Are you still planning a trip to Buenos Aires?

  3. If I suddenly got a chunk of money, a trip to Buenos Aires would be the first thing that I do!

    As you know I was suddenly ‘jobless’ a few months ago – the story was that my former employer terminated my contract in an unethical and cunning manner to save money, I freelanced for a while and filed my case at the Labour Dept etc. Then moving house and a couple other things. These days I’m back to freelancing and looking for a job, or some kind of feasible arrangement.

    It may just have to be a trip passing through BA and where you’re gonna be next – do I remember correctly that it’s somewhere in Mexico?

    Sometimes I want to share a bit more about my life & my work on my blog, but I’m stalked by a former best friend who’s turned psychotic and dedicated his life to defaming people who, in his mind, let him down. He started a blog to ridicule me, reinvent my blog posts in some not very funny satires, expose the identities of who I may be talking about on my blog (when he has some vague ideas). He’s done much worse to an ex – the girl had to get a lawyer.

    I’m not scared of him – when I run into him on the streets of HK, I look past him like he didn’t exist. But I’d better play safe about revealing what I’m up to, sometimes.

    • How sad. This aspect of the Internet world disgusts me. Actually, this aspect of human behavior disgusts me, it’s just that the Internet has vastly expanded the nastiness that characterizes too many people’s mental state.

      My email address is in the About the Author section of this blog. We can always communicate that way.