Watch this space

Yes, it seems to be about this complicated.

Regular readers of this blog are aware of my long-term trepidations about moving away from my 30-year association with traditional, mainstream publishing and trying the DIY route. After two years of sloppy and rude behavior from the traditional publishers who have seen “Blossom,” I have given up.

I have signed to go with the Author House program for both hardbound and paperback POD books, and uploading the novel to all the various eReader formats.

So far it feels really, really strange. Not at all what I am used to. Which is: they pay me up front, but then take complete control of the book and publishing process, leaving me out of the loop except for an occasional courtesy contact.

In this case, I am paying them up front, and I am expected to do much of the work always done by the publisher in the past. There is both a feeling of power and of intimidation.

I will try to post information about the process along the way, in case any of you are so inclined.

Meanwhile, “Blossom,” my novel (that began as a memoir) about the early days of the Civil Rights movement in one small Arkansas town, and the exile who tries to go home again, will be available in both print and digital formats in a couple of months.

Watch this space.


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  1. Looking forward to the watching, and the reading of “Blossom.”

    I’m venturing into the POD world pretty soon but without your history and knowledge. Kinda scary.

    Best of luck!

    • We should compare notes, Cherie. In some ways I think it may be more difficult for someone with a long history in traditional publishing — I am used to that, so this new way seems even more mystifying.

  2. Hello Rose. I don’t there is a significant difference, although my research was rather superficial. Author House has been around doing this for 30 years, so that’s something, and they have a reputation for coming out with a quality product. They have an impressive distribution network.

    What I have to admit (embarrassingly) is that maybe as much as anything I was swayed by names. Author House sounds like a publishing company, while Create Space sounds like some children’s art studio.

    I am doing this extremely reluctantly, and am still very suspicious of it all.

    I’ll keep you (and everyone) informed as the process unravels.

  3. Author house sounds to me like vanity and Createspace is Amazon – rolling out in India soon – that is to say massive distribution.
    AS you know H. I just did it with Last Tango in Buenos Aires and the publishing part is excellent – Let me know if you need formatting etc (And do it right lol as Kindle readers are very picky)
    The marketing part is a little tougher – or a lot tougher. Every expert directs to social network marketing but i dont feel at all comfy marketing ferociously to friends. Platforms are the future lol.
    Seriously dont be suspicious – publishers have been bastards for too long – there is a reason JK is doing it herself now. Its time for the creator to be treated with respect and stop making fat cats out of fifth avenue publishers.
    Cherie – this is news – What are you writing?/