Kissing in the rain in Buenos Aires while dreaming of atheists in Bratislava

The title of this blog is Random Literary Blogging. While it is not exclusively concerned with random literary matters, they do dominate. From time to time I write about places, and sometimes I decorate those posts with interesting and usually appropriate photos.

Here’s a picture I like, and it has nothing to do with this post at all.

Old cat staying warm on a street in Buenos Aires

In significant numbers, most of the visits to this blog come from Googling some version of these terms: Buenos Aires, rainy day, kissing in the rain, Bratislava, and atheism.

After those visits, searches for my name appears. Then a spattering of odds and ends.

I get, depending on the posted subject that day, between a low of 80 and a high of 150 visits a day. Two-thirds or more of those visits are directed to my site using some version of one of the terms in the title of this post. (I wonder how big a visit boom I’ll get from this post?) Yet, posts on those subjects amount to fewer than twenty percent of the total posts here.

What this shows, among other oddities, is the failure of Google (and the like) search engines to separate meaning and intent from search terms. There must be a lot of disappointed visitors here who don’t find anything about rainy days and atheists, although maybe they find some satisfaction in the few Buenos Aires and Bratislava posts here.

So welcome anyway, and if you happen to have any interest in writers, writing, and literary matters, look around a bit.


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  1. I found you today by googling “buenos aires rain” and got the BONUS cat photo — what a treat!

    I’m a writer on Long Island and I’m researching the language of rain (long story) but I’m glad it brought me here — I’m going to hang out and look around.

  2. Well, Vivian, the exception to prove the rule. You are the first person who found this blog by accident and stayed to read and comment. Welcome. I hope you stay and get comfortable.

  3. I very much enjoyed my roam around your back[b]log. I was in B.A. once in my life, way back in 1994, on a two-week business trip when I was the horology expert at Christie’s auction house in New York. I traveled with one of our Senior VPs from England (the Portenos go crazy for that tweed, that accent; it got us invited to many parties and gave us entrée to down-on-their-luck millionaires looking to sell off the family jewels) and being as I was so desperate to look cool in front of him, I did not take a single photograph of the place – oh, the folly of youth (I was 38 at the time and awfully jejune).

    Now I don’t care who thinks I’m cool or not: I carry a camera with me at all times and take photos of the most ordinary things under the theory that what is run of the mill on Long Island is unspeakably exotic for, say, someone living in Utah or Ulan Bator. That’s my calling as a writer: to bring attention to all the stuff of everyday material culture that escapes attention. It’s not going to win me any street cred, I know, but I still have my fingers crossed that it’ll get me invited to TED one day. (ha ha)

    So imagine my delight to have found you there in B.A., writing about your terrifically exotic life – and rainy days! I’m preparing to write about my experience of rainy days around the world for my next memoir and as I don’t have any photographic reference material (see above) of the one rainy afternoon I spent in B.A. I leeched onto the interwebs and the first thing I found was your blog. Reading about your experiences triggered many memories that I haven’t accessed in years – of the streets and colors of B.A. Thank you!

    I hope you don’t mind if I refer to your blog on my next post – I have to share that cat photo with the cat lovers I know. That picture puts you in my personal Cat People Hall of Fame.