Buenos Aires

Getting to know Kate

Kate in Buenos Aires, and not de puta madre

Kate arrived in Buenos Aires two days ago and we met in person finally. My wife and I have been following Kate through Latin America for months, via the brilliant writing on her blog, as she follows Paul Theroux’s route from his Old Patagonia Express. More than eight months after starting south in Guatemala, she has reached Buenos Aires, and for a little while is staying with us.

Where has Kate been? Start reading her blog from the beginning up, not the end down.

Her first day, I took her to an Aloha Day luau. What better way to mark her sudden transition from being “on the road” with an overstuffed backpack to an overstuffed city apartment with her own bed and clean sheets and a washer-dryer and stocked fridge than to wander into a celebration of the island of Hawaii in an old colonial building in the heart of one of the largest cities in Latin America.

In a recent blog post, Kate, filling with sensitivity and sadness as she approached her last long bus ride after months on long bus rides through the backwaters and byways of Latin America, wondered how long it would take her to get used to the usual comforts of civilization. I told her half a day. That’s just about how long it took.

Now, using Buenos Aires as a base, or the hub of her wheel of continuing explorations, she will begin working on the book based on what a little boy she met on a bus somewhere far to the north told her to call “Kate’s Adventures.” Indeed.

And we get to know Kate.


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  1. I think you would like her, Rose. I sure do. Too bad you aren’t visiting us at this time. Any chance? Oh, and I strongly recommend that you read her blog, start with the first post and work your way forward in time — some grand photos, too.

  2. Hey Don,

    Thanks for the link to Kate’s blog. It’s going to take a while to catch up with her backblog and I’ll be mining it for ideas for my own travels.

    Catch you at Cafe Pugliese for the writers group some time in November…