Buenos Aires

Another day in Buenos Aires

I walk the streets of Buenos Aires almost everyday. Often the same few streets because I walk the same direction to the café where I write most of the time. Every once in a while I go exploring, or meet up with a friend elsewhere in the city. Yesterday I met with Stephen Page, an American poet who has lived in Buenos Aires for a very long time. Here we are standing, appropriately, with a wall of books in a café in the Almagro barrio. Below this photo is the trashy little barrio nameless café where we actually spent a couple of hours, because el Archibrazo was closed when we got there.

The novelist and the poet in the Café el Archibrazo

Nameless café in the Almagro barrio of Buenos Aires; that is not me.

Walking to Almagro from Palermo that morning, I stopped here and there to take a few photos. Here are some of them.

This is a window in a store of the same name. It is just off the corner of Calle Mario Bravo and Goritti.

These trash raiders with horse carts are much more prominent in Almagro than Palermo.

Finally, three photos of homeless people living on the streets of Buenos Aires. These photos were taken in an area of a couple of blocks near where Av. Medrano runs into Plaza Guemes.

Home sweet home

Nap time at the hacienda

Upgraded bedroom, sort of Frank Lloyd Wright style

So it won’t be all sleazy cafés and street people, here is a pretty girl waiting at the corner, near Plaza Almagro.

Pretty girl waiting for the light to change.

Ciao luego


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