Buenos Aires

Wanted: Replacement Muse (apply in “comments”)

My Mama Racha muse has left Mama Racha. Perils of working as a server in a busy café, Paula has severe tendonitis in her shoulder and elbow, and is on (probably permanent) sick leave. We met the day after she left Mama Racha and walked around a park in my barrio, taking photos. She has a new camera. She explained, in consideration of my muse-less dismay, that I had finished the novel I spent more than a year working on there, under her watchful eye, and this would be as good a time as any to find a replacement muse (and new café), before starting a new project.

My Muse with her busted wing

Wanted by aging but hopeful novelist — new muse! Apply below.


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  1. Damn. It’s nice to finally see the face of your (now former) Muse though.

    Well I guess I can’t apply coz I live too far away – and I’m not used to flashing myself in any way in front of a web cam 😉