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What’s he up to now?

Writing a screenplay, is the short answer. Is this what is meant by the phrase – a bus man’s holiday?

I’ve written screenplays before, and was even paid for one of them, although it was never produced. Another script of mine was optioned, also never produced. I fit right in with the 1 of 1000 written scripts that ever go into production.

It is kind of a lark. Even fun. Dialogue is easy for me, and narrative, which is far more difficult, is rare in a script.

If there is one common remark from readers of my novel, it would probably be: “This would make a great movie.” It is common for readers to remark about the cinematic nature of the writing in my novels. They are, mostly, stories that lend themselves to visualization.

So it is not much of a leap.

I have eight published novels. I could have begun with any of them, but decided on the original version of the “Hatch Trilogy.” I like describing tropical places. The difficulty is selecting what has to be cut out. It is a long book, impossible to fit within a couple of hours. I spend most of my time cutting out huge sections, and then trying to remain both coherent and faithful to the original story with what’s left.

For those of you curious about the technicalities, I am using “Final Draft” software for proper formatting.

For those of you curious about my novel-writing. “And It’s Only Love” has gone to my agent. We’ll see. I don’t have any compelling idea for a new book. Until one comes … look out Hollywood.

That’s a joke.


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  1. I actually know people who work in production and script writing over there, like Law & Order, Men in Black, etc. Not that it’d make any difference to us, at the end of the day.