Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires International Boules Championship

Well … sort of. Okay … not really.

Later today, we are meeting up with a Canadian couple who also live in Buenos Aires for a friendly game of boules. I quite like this painting by Iain Vellacott of a boules game.

Boules players by Iain Vellacott

Our Canadian competitors are Amelia McGoldrick, a professional photographer, and her partner, Mike Bigioni, an educator on sabbatical who is operating an online learn Spanish website.

So it’s we from the lower 48, or 49 (Alaska’s in the upper), against the couple from upper America. In a park near our place, on a brilliantly sunny and nearly hot summer’s day in mid-December. Liquid refreshment is involved, and the more liquids, the more hazardous the flying steel balls.

If you’re in the area, come by and cheer for your favorite national team.

For our friends in the north, who find that December is a winter month … nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.

Tournament report:

Team Canada won 2 out of 3 matches to come out the winner, and we the losers had to buy the beer. Here are a few live action photos from the championship.

Amelia measuring carefully, much at stake.

Holly showing her championship form as the boule flies away to its mark.

In the heat of battle: Donigan, Amelia, Mike.

Champions -- Team Canada, Mike and Amelia

We bought the beer, but a rematch is planned.

With special note to the big dog who tried to pee on our boules.


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  1. It was a great day in international sports seconded only by Team Canada’s win on the ice in Vancouver;) A fun day indeed though and finishing off with Holly’s delicious homemade cookies was great! I can have beer any time. Homemade cookies are a rarity.

    • Notice this, Mike. So Amelia was right the first time. And since we expect to win next time, looks like the beer’s on us twice.

      Thanks for the important clarification, P A. Although there are no French in our group: one Swiss, one Scot, one Italian … and Amelia.