Buenos Aires

Work going just fine, thank you

Since going to work on “The Life of Betty” a few weeks ago, I’m at chapter 4 with just at 12,000 words. I probably won’t be able to get away with this, and would likely change my mind anyway, I am calling it “a memoir by Betty Lucile Grover … with Donigan Merritt. Is that like a non-fiction novel, or a fictionalized non-fiction, or a made up memoir? As long as everyone’s in the loop, guess I can call it anything and avoid a James Frey moment.

I wrote this attribution on the first page after realizing that the story seemed to be actually told in Betty’s voice, that she was in control of both the voice and the story, and mainly I was just writing it down for her. That’s kind of a pleasure, actually.

Here’s a photo I like, just to decorate the page.

On the wall of a bar/café in the Almagro barrio of Buenos Aires


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