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The god out

Okay, people who follow this blog know what I think about religiosity and other persistent but silly superstitions that muddle the rational abilities of otherwise normal human beings. This Newt nonsense is another abhorrent example of the infamous “god out.”

It works like this. It doesn’t matter what you do, the depth of your hypocrisy, the ability you have to produce misery in others, your chronic lying, vain posturing, and all the rest of the attributes that apply so distinctly to the life Newt Gingrich, all one has to do is tell god you’re sorry and that you really love him best, and the slate is wiped clean. You can even do this on your deathbed, after a lifetime of the most astonishing amount of unethical, immoral behaviors, and zappo! You die a new man and god waits on high to give you a great big hug for coming around to his way of thinking at last.

Love me, and you can get away with anything.

What bullshit!

If hypocrisy was a religion, Newt Gingrich would be the Pope and Calista his main concubine.

Anyway. If you are a rational, caring, and liberal-minded person, join me in hoping that Newt gets the Republican nomination for President. He’s the best representative of Republican morality to come along in years … President Obama and the Democratic Party will thank you.


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