Announcing the new book

My latest work, “The Love Story of Paul Collins,” originally known as, “And It’s Only Love,” is now available in both digital and print editions. For a few bucks more than pixels on a screen, you can get an actual book, and when you’re finished you can put it on your bookshelf and impress friends and foes alike.

It is available from the Apple iBookstore, Kindle, and Nook.

The book is a 6 X 9 paperback with 203 pages. Nice cover, too. It looks like this:

Cover design for The Love Story of Paul Collins

The book can be ordered from Amazon or direct from the publisher.

I would love to see your reviews, so have at it.

And thank you to my faithful readers.

A note about “The Last Island.” The digital version of that novel has been pulled from sale. The formatting was a mess and it needs a severe edit. I will put up a note when it is available again.


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  1. Looks good, Don! The painting on the cover, in particular, really resonates.

    Looking forward to reading it. Can’t promise that it will happen soon, but it will happen.