Buenos Aires

Book Fair reading coming soon

For the 4th year in a row, and the last, I will be reading at the Buenos Aires International Book Fair. Mark your calendars. My reading is Monday, 30 April, beginning at 7 pm. This year I will read a section of “Blossom,” my 2011 novel focusing on a small town going through the civil rights upheavals during the 60s..

Anyone who flies down to Buenos Aires from the States and attends my reading will be treated to a free drink afterward.

In the photo below, I am with two other American authors who will also be reading at the Book Fair — which is, by the, one of the longest and largest book fairs in the world. It goes on for three full weeks and is visited by millions of book fans.

Left is the poet Stephen Page, who will be reading a couple of days before mine (that Friday), and right, Cherie Magnus, who is reading just before me the same evening.

This photo was taken (with Stephen’s cell phone) yesterday at a table outside one of “Buenos Aires’ Notable Cafés:” Café Capisci, located in the ritzy Belgrano neighborhood, where you walk down through rock walls, passing an old wine cellar, to get to the toilet.

I hope you can make it. No one wants to read to empty seats.


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