Buenos Aires

A few of my favorite Buenos Aires photos

Of course. I was so very ready to leave Buenos Aires after 3 1/2 years; I dreamed of edible food, sidewalks not covered in shit and potholes and trash, restaurants that opened when I happened to be hungry, instead of about the time I was going to bed, traffic noise that wouldn’t give me homicidal impulses … . Now I’ve been gone less than two months and am feeling nostalgic about the place. Go figure.

I was loading some photos from the camera to the computer and came across a few that stood out in my memory.

The Colors of La Boca

Our balcony after a storm

A municipal waterworks building that looks like a museum

Memorials to the “disappeared” on sidewalks where they lived.

The dog walkers of Buenos Aires

The old neighborhood markets

The girls of Mama Racha Café

A tower sculpture made entirely of books

Hanging out in literary cafés with my friend Stephen

Life is filled with people and places we will never seen again, so it goes. But I am sad that Buenos Aires is one of those places.



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  1. Yes, it was even better than I thought it was. I also hope we don’t lose touch. Aren’t you and Mike planning to visit us in Mexico City? Think of the photographic opportunities!