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Really? Are there so many suckers?

Here comes Aynny again.

Looks like we’re in one of those odd cycles again where Ayn Rand’s tinkertoy pseudo philosophical fictions get pulled out of the dumb-shit drawer of silly books and pick up a few more semi-literate, easily-swayed, plastic intellectuals, desperate to find some kind, any kind, of justification for their impulse to be, frankly, fuck you selfish.

I read some of Rand’s novels, two actually, when I was still a tyke barely out of short pants, and concluded, even at that age, just before critical thinking becomes possible (late teens), that as a writer she was sort of a Sydney Sheldon, but without much hot sex. I didn’t know it was supposed to be, duh, “philosophy.” Just a couple of semi-readable, stupidly-plotted, cardboard character, novels. I was just happy I hadn’t spent any money for it; I found it left behind on a cafeteria table.

Later, in college, I came across someone claiming Atlas Shrugged was philosophy. Since I was working on a degree in philosophy at the time, I wondered if I was being put on. But no, this guy kept trying to make the case there was some philosophical underpinning in her novels; more than that — they were entirely philosophical.

What? Did we read the same books?

Then I found out there were dozens of people claiming to see some sort of philosophy in her novels. They even formed a little society. Oh well, different strokes … there’s a sucker born every minute, as the sages say. Stupid is as stupid does, as I say.

It did occur to me later that whatever theme one might dredge up from a book like Atlas Shrugged, or worse, The Fountainhead (the only two I’ve read), did kind of offer a pretty good picture of the soul of the Republican Party in this country, but then, I’ve always thought Republicans were awfully close to the bat-shit edge of thinking. What would you expect from a group of politicians whose only platform is self-enrichment and fuck the rest of you suckers?

Who’s surprised that Republican robots claim to fall for that kind of silliness? Who could be surprised that … what’s his name? Paul Romney? The one just named to be the Vice-Presidential candidate on the ticket with his Dad, Mitt. That guy. Really, are you surprised that there are still almost full-grown adults who are devotees of that Rand brand of BS?

Actually, I am, but just a little.

Save yourself the eye strain trying to read a crappy novel when there is so much fine literature out there. Here’s what Atlas Shrugged is about…

My daddy set me up to be rich, I want to get richer, fuck the rest of you.

Republicanism in a sentence. That’s all Paul Romney is about, and that’s the only reason he is devoted to Randism.


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  1. You were probably too old when you tried, already capable of critical thinking. I was still a tyke, 17, I think, and in those days I was such a voracious reader that I’d plow through anything. I even read the whole bible, trying to figure out what the big deal was … there isn’t one, I discovered.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Your take on Aynny is quite a bit more thorough and professional than mine — go read Mr. Stephens blog take on this for the bigger picture. The artwork is taken from Google images and I don’t know its source. It did seem appropriate.