México City, still here

We’re sort of getting used to the place. Más o Menos. At least we are no longer in the hotel, but a few days ago moved into our apartment, where we will spend the next two years. There is almost nothing in it — a few pieces of rented living room furniture, a little dining table, and a bed. The rest of the rather large place is empty, awaiting the delivery of our kit and caboodle to rejoin us — some from DC, some from Buenos Aires.

At the end of the moving and settling chaos, I hope to get back to real life and real work. There are two projects in my mind and I am not yet able to decide between them.

Meanwhile, I am writing this from here:

The view from my table in El Péndulo, Polanco. My new café.

I’ve changed my traditional evening glass of wine before dinner, to a more local tradition — a shot of cognac-like tequila, chased with a shot of sangrita maria, which here they make with mescal and chiles, instead of vodka and black pepper.

Let the force be inside you.

My current favorite evening aperitif. The 70th anniversary edition.

Hasta luego, mi amigos.




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